Credit High School Elective 0.5 credit (one semester) Course Description Creating a “Quest” is a fun, hands-on way to learn about your community and its place in the world. Students learn about the different types of Quests, and create clues and maps to develop their own original Quest. Creating a Quest incorporates concepts in language […]

Makers Space

Credit High School Science Elective   0.5 credit (one semester) (comparable to MSBSD Principles of Engineering 86411) Course Description Makerspace provides a collaborative workshop area where inventors of all ages design and construct projects. Students gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies and innovative processes, applying science, technology, math, and creativity to solve problems and […]

Theory of Enterprise

Credit High School Elective  0.5 credit (one semester) (comparable to MSBSD  85000 Introduction to Career Pathways) Course Description Through job-shadowing experiences, students learn to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities and to understand the problem solving required to create and manage a business. This course prepares student to observe, recognize, and evaluate entrepreneurial personalities and practices. Enrollment is open […]