February 2, 2018
Howard Carbone and Ryan Peterson, Photographers & Story Tellers
Join photographers Ryan Peterson and Howard Carbone for a journey up the Susitna like you have never seen it before. Time lapse video reveals a new perspective on the river’s beauty, ecology, and seasonal changes. Explore the secrets of Susitna’s wildlife captured on trail cameras. End with a big laugh as Ryan shows some outtakes from his film Super Salmon. 

February 16, 2018
Brian Okonek, Travels in China

March 2, 2018
Nancy Pfeiifer, Activist/Author

Nancy will give a talk about her experience fighting mega-dams in Patagonia. The presentation also includes spectacular photographs by her husband Fredrik Norrsell.  Riding Into the Heart of Patagonia will be in bookstores in May. 
As a neophyte horsewoman with a minimal command of the Spanish language, Nancy rode off across Patagonia, alone, on horseback. Riding Into the Heart of Patagonia, is the story of that journey. It is also the story of Patagonia, a spectacular wilderness and rich, self-sufficient culture on the brink of rapid change. When Nancy and her horse first crossed the Baker River on a simple wooden ferry powered by the flow of the current, the fact that the fate of this river would someday determine the future of Patagonia, and to a large degree her own life’s path, was the furthest thing from her mind. Ten years later a scheme to dam Patagonia’s largest rivers threatened the land and lifestyle she had come to love. Nancy joined the Cabalgata Sin Represas, a 330-kilometer protest ride against the dams, and her story became history – on horseback.

March 16, 2018

April 6, 2018
Nancy Lord, Author

Nancy will speak about her life with salmon, the book Made of Salmon, and threats to salmon including global warming, ocean acidification, and habitat loss. Her latest book (pH: A Novel) addresses ocean warming and acidification and their effects on the marine ecosystem.

April 20, 2018